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Chris Reeve Small Inkosi

Chris Reeve Small Inkosi Folding Knife - 2.75" Frame Lock - S35VN SteelChris Reeve Small Inkosi Folding Knife - 2.75" Frame Lock - S35VN SteelChris Reeve Small Inkosi Folding Knife - 2.75" Frame Lock - S35VN SteelChris Reeve Small Inkosi Folding Knife - 2.75" Frame Lock - S35VN SteelChris Reeve Small Inkosi Folding Knife - 2.75" Frame Lock - S35VN SteelChris Reeve Small Inkosi Folding Knife - 2.75" Frame Lock - S35VN SteelChris Reeve Small Inkosi Folding Knife - 2.75" Frame Lock - S35VN SteelChris Reeve Small Inkosi Folding Knife - 2.75" Frame Lock - S35VN Steel
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- 2.75" Blade, Great Everday Carry Size
- Titanium Framelock & Handle
- Oversized Bushings
- Ceramic Lockbar Interface

The Chris Reeve Small Inkosi folding knife is the beefier, thicker bladed cousin of the Sebenza folding knife, and though it is shorter in length, it is a heftier blade. With a larger pivot, constructed of perforated phosphor bronze bushings which not only serve as a buffer between the hard steel and the softer titanium of the handle, they are also, built to withhold lubricant opening after opening and reduce friction; there are so many upgrades to what has already been considered a perfect knife in the Sebenza. So why improve upon perfection? Maybe it is just what makes Chris Reeve knives one of the foremost designs in the business. To get a better idea of this, one must consider the predecessors that made the "Chief" what it is today.

After 21 years of knife making, Chris Reeve unveiled what many people considered to be his masterpiece: the Sebenza 21 folding knife. Quickly becoming a favorite among knife enthusiasts, this somewhat simple, yet effective design has long been seen as the gold standard of the industry, not only in function, but also form. A few years later, the Sebenza 25 was released, bearing a few improvements over the design. Just a few years after that, when the dust settled, Chris Reeve announced his retirement, but not before unveiling his final personal design, the Chris Reeve Inkosi. An overall improvement to what was already considered to be perfection, the crk inkosi knife incorporated all of the elements beloved by collectors and enthusiasts about the Sebenza knives and put them into this design. Derived from the Zulu word for "chief" the Inkosi is a formidable tool, worthy of the Chris Reeve name.

The Blade:

Slightly smaller than its counterpart, the Chris Reeve large Inkosi, the small inkosi has a 2.75" blade made of S35VN stainless steel. Stonewashed at over 20,000 rpm, the finish gives it an added level of protection against corrosion while allowing it's large hollow ground edge to stay sharp in any condition. Made from .128" stock, with a Rockwell hardness of 59-60, the blade holds up to punishment, allows for strength in cuts, yet is malleable enough to keep a razor sharp edge for a very long time. A hand-cut chamfer on the back of the blade adds extra comfort and support for your thumb as well. An improvement over the original Sebenza design, double blue anodized thumb studs on the Inkosi make it ambidextrous--an improvement over previous incarnations of the Chris Reeve designs.

The Handle:

The Chris Reeve Small Inkosi has a blasted titanium handle, integrated lockbar system aided by a ceramic detent bearing, and an offset titanium clip that was inherited from the Sebenza 25 to allow for point up carry. A beefier Pinch Clip can be added as a replacement (sold separately). Still designed with the no-nonsense right or left handed varieties, the Inkosi features additional scalloped finger grooves for added support and ergonomics. Pressure from the finger unlocks the bar, allowing for as smooth of a close as the fluid swing of your thumb opened it. As with the Sebenzas, it only gets smoother the more you use it. The overall length of 6.375" folds down to an easily manageable 3.875", which can fit nicely in your pocket, clip to your belt, hang from a lanyard, or slip into a pouch on your belt. Pouches and sheaths are available separately in a variety of materials, from leather to tactical nylon.

The Chris Reeve Inkosi has phosphor bronze washer (bushings) that are the same size on both the lock and handle size, this pivot construction brings additional stability to the blade and allows the washers to hold lubricant to reduce opening friction. One-eighth inch ceramic ball acts as the interface between the lock bar and the blade while doubling as a detent, ensuring the blade stays in place when closed. The phosphor bronze washer-based pivot surpasses the smoothness of the original bushing pivot, and a ceramic detent bearing allows for added smoothness and security in opening, locking, and aids in extending the longevity of the frame lock build. The Chris Reeve Inkosi has a heat treated stainless steel stop pin that will handle the rigors of opening and closing.

Many Uses:

A lightweight and compact design, the small Inkosi is still a tool to be reckoned with. At just 3.1oz, it could serve just as well in outdoors activities such as fishing, hunting, boating, woodcrafting, survival, or farm use as it could as an everyday carry knife or in tactical applications. Whichever use you are going for, the small Inkosi is probably up to the task. It will stay sharp, hold fast, and be there when you need it and stay open or closed as long as you want it to be. The Chris Reeve Inkosi is an overall tough knife with an edge hand-sharpened to microscopic sharpness. More than just easy to carry, it is a pleasure to carry.

Refined design and precision construction are all part of this American-made pocket knife. The Inkosi folding knife features dual ambidextrous thumb studs, allowing the user to easily open the knife either right or left handed. The thumb studs are blue anodized titanium. The Inkosi knife has a blasted titanium pocket clip mounted for tip up carry and angled in a manner that allows the clip to rest on the handle - not the lock bar. Light for its size, due to the titanium handle, the Reeve Inkosi pocket knife has the strong integral frame locking mechanism that Chris Reeve pioneered and subsequently changed the knife industry with.

What you get with the small Inkosi:

In order to maintain your knife, the crk small Inkosi comes with allen wrenches, lock-tite, and CRK fluorinated grease. A black lanyard cord, historical timeline of Chris Reeve knives as well as the honors and awards they have earned, instructions for care and cleaning, a microsuede cloth, as well as the most valuable accessory: a lifetime warranty that is unrivaled in the industry. Protected against just about anything except for loss, Chris Reeve Knives stands by their products and believes you should have the peace of mind to do that too.

MAKER: Chris Reeve Knives
TOTAL SIZE: 6.375"
BLADE MATERIAL: Stainless S35VN Steel - Blade Thickness 0.128"
FRAME: Blasted Titanium
WEIGHT: 3.1 oz.


Product Reviews

5  The perfect small EDC!, Chris Reeve Inkosi - 2.75\" Frame Locking Folding Knife - S35VN Steel
Posted By:

This is a fantastic knife with marked improvements on even the latest Sebenza 25. The phosphor bronze washers are identical and foolproof. Unlike the 25, the washers don't have any angled pieces that can be bent--they are flat and easy to position. The blade is designed perfectly and there is no need to center the blade at all. The clip is positioned so that it doesn't make direct contact with the lockbar, cutting down on unnecessary pressure and wear on the lockbar mechanism. Again, CRK rethought and refined the fantastic elements of the Sebenza 25 and put them into the Inkosi. As expected, it is built like a tank--everything about this small knife is 'overbuilt' as you would expect from Chris Reeve. It is super-strong and perfect in just about every way. I was completely and pleasantly surprised by this knife. Even though it is considered 'small' with (IMHO) a perfect 2.75" blade, it fits in my rather large hands securely and comfortably. This is not a full-size folder--I have a number of high-end larger folders and sometimes it feels like you're pulling out a sword in public to do small tasks. I bought this knife as an all-around user. It just happens to be worth every cent of $375. If you're hesitating to buy this knife, so was I. Now I'm a happy owner/user!

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5  me likes, Chris Reeve Inkosi - 2.75\" Frame Locking Folding Knife - S35VN Steel
Posted By: - verified customer

my hand size is between a large and extra large...large fits length extra large fit width. so i was a little concerned with the the smaller version of the Sabinza "Small". while it is slightly smaller it feels great in the hand when carving and cutting. highly recommend. my only complaint is that the small cord lanyard flips inside my pocket unlike the Sabenza small. guess ill get a slightly longer cord.

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5  New Sebenza growing on me!, Chris Reeve Inkosi - 2.75\" Frame Locking Folding Knife - S35VN Steel
Posted By: - verified customer

After dialing in the knife it oozes quality and great design detail. I am a passionate collector and have a lot of knives in this general category. At first the knife was stiff and and the detent seemed wrong. I am a knife maker and am confident in disassembly and reassembly so I "re-lubed" and adjusted and now the knife is a small marvel. It is compact, light, liquid smooth and yet robust enough to do real cutting work. I am not sure why mine was so stiff out of the box and could be a fluke. By the way I did spend three days just opening and closing the knife (literally 100's of times) to break it in before lubing and adjusting the knife, so I am not a rookie to the process of breaking in a knife.

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5  Chris Reeve Inkosi, Chris Reeve Inkosi - 2.75\" Frame Locking Folding Knife - S35VN Steel
Posted By:

Another great transaction with KNIFEART, superfast shipping, well packaged. I have two other Chris Reeve knives and this one just moved up to the top of my EDC, just the right size. The blasted titanium handle has just enough texture. Super sharp 2.75" blade - did the paper cutting test in front of my 11 year old son, he said "WOW", that's says it all. Thanks Knifeart.

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