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RMJ Tactical - Tomahawks, Axes & Knives. Designed by Ryan Johnson

RMJ Tactical

RMJ Tactical has been creating and outfitting Special forces groups of the United States military for decades now, and RMJ tactical designer, Ryan Johnson knows his business when it comes to putting the right tool for the job in the hands of the US military. Used by Native Americans for centuries, the tomahawk is a versatile tool that incorporates the effectiveness of a hand axe as well as a knife in combat and tactical survival situations. Now in use by SEALS, Delta Force, the US Marine Corp, Army, Navy, and contracted security forces, RMJ tactical tomahawks have been on the front lines of combat for nearly 20 years. Even if your applications are not military, you'll appreciate the dependability and effectiveness an RMJ blade will provide in the outdoors, survival situations, or as a first responder.

Background - Ryan has been building his craft since an early age, training from age 12 to be one of the youngest full-time bladesmiths in the US. A graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chatanooga, Ryan holds two degrees in Mechanical Engineering, adding his technical know-how to decades spent working in metallurgy as a blacksmith. He is an avid outdoorsman, reader, and traveler with an appreciation for the history of the craft as well as knowing the practical aspects of creating a quality blade. After 2001, Ryan Johnson began making tactical tomahawks for the grueling battle conditions of Iraq and Afghanistan, where they have served warriors proudly throughout their deployments and giving RMJ Tactical a world-wide reputation as being the best in its field.

Models - Varieties of RMJ tactical blades include the Shrike, Jenny Ren, Wyvern, Pathfinder, Kestrel, Tactical Kukri, and Combat Africa. Most famous of the RMJ Tactical line is the Eagle Talon tomahawk, a one-piece marvel of combat design featuring an 18" long handle, as well as a hardened 80CRV2 steel head with bearded cutting edge and devastating back-spike that can hack through a cinderblock wall, puncture kevlar, or hack through an adversary's body armor. It can also be used as a climbing axe!

Design - The design of a tactical tomahawk lends itself to a whole other world of combat fighting, with improved velocity and striking due to angle, biometric force, and the use of the hollow-ground axe beard works well to hook and grab an opponent's body or weapon to set them off-balance, disarm, or cut deep. The Eagle Talon is at home in urban combat environments as it is in the jungle, desert, or woodlands. No other type of weapon gets the job done quite like a tomahawk.

Use & Build Quality - RMJ tactical blades have come to be depended on as entrenching tools, cutting, chopping, hand to hand combat, and survival applications. Not many tools can compete with the ability to hack through kindling to make tinder while giving you the strength to break through hardened steel padlocks. G-10 machined scale handles gives you a sure grip in wet or dry conditions, absorbing shock and making strikes and prolonged use manageable. The varied hardness of tomahawk heads at 54HRC versus 30HRC shafts means that the heads are hardened tool, while the shaft is softer and more forgiving when it comes to impact, allowing you to hack through and cut deep without shattering the weapon. The tungsten cerakote finish adds another layer of strength and corrosion resistance to the steel. Other customized options for these blades are wood or micarta handles.

RMJ tactical tomahawks and blades come with quick release kydex sheaths and low ride MOC straps for quick deployment and ease of access. Custom leather scabbards and sheaths are also sold separately. As an RMJ Dealer, we stock a full selection with fast, free shipping.

Quality for life - RMJ Tactical stands behind its products with a 100% lifetime guarantee against the manufacturer and structural failure. This guarantee applies to the life of the blade (not the user) which means it will be around for generations. RMJ knives are a perfect marriage of modern and traditional knifemaking techniques, made in Knoxville, TN.

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