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Benchmade Bailout 537 vs. Benchmade Bugout 535

An in-depth look at the similarity and differences

By | May 29, 2020

The Benchmade Bailout (Model 537 series) and the Benchmade Bugout (Model 535 series) are both high-quality, lightweight knives that are durable and user-friendly. The Bailout 537 is more of a tactical build whereas the Bugout 535 is more of an everyday carry (EDC) build. The Bailout 537 weighs in at 2.5 ounces and The Bugout 535 weighs in at 1.9 ounces. If you are interested in purchasing one of these knives but are unsure which best suits your needs, please review the key differences between them as listed below.

Blade :

The Bailout 537 features a 3.38 inch tanto style blade in 3v steel The blade is hardened to 58-60 on the Rockwell scale. Benchmade selected the 3v steel because it is incredibly tough and ready for heavy use. The 3V steel is not stainless and has a dark gray cerakote coating to reduce glare and protect the tool steel against corrosion. A combination of the tanto blade shape and the tough 3v steel provides the user with maximum toughness in a small package. The tanto blade shape comes with serrations optional.

The Bugout 535 is equipped with a slightly shorter length of 3.24-inch drop point blade in S30V steel. The blade is made out of CPM S30V stainless steel. This type of steel is outstanding all-around blade steel with high corrosion resistance, toughness, and edge retention. This blade is also hardened to 58-60 on the Rockwell scale, which is the same hardness of the bailout's 3v steel. The standard blade has a stonewashed finish that provides an attractive scratch hiding surface. It also comes in a black coated finish with serrations optional.


The Bailout 537 features black textured Grivory handle measuring at 4.71 inches long. The black handle does not stand out and gives the knife a sleek appearance. While this knife comes standard in blue, it is also available with a hard-anodized aluminum ranger green handle on the 535gry model.

The Bugout 535 standard model is equipped with a blue Grivory handle measuring at 4.22 inches long. The handle is very slim and compact allowing for easy transport. Additionally, this series comes with the option of Benchmade's black cf-elite handle on the 535bk-2 series or a ranger green grivory handle on the 535gry-1 series . The benefit of the cf-elite handle is that it is infused with carbon fibers making it more rigid and lighter than the standard Grivory handle which infused with fiberglass.

Both the Bailout and the Bugout have lanyard holes for added portability convenience yet the Bailout model has an extended pommel with lanyard hole and allows for crushing handle butt - again geared to more of of a tactical or field use. This extended handle pommel adds some weight to the handle.


Both the bailout and the bugout 535 feature the patented AXIS locking mechanism. The axis lock allows for ambidextrous closing and is very easy to use. They both are equipped with anodized dual thumb studs allowing for easy one-handed operation, whether you are right or left-handed.


Whichever knife you decide on, you will be backed by our full satisfaction guarantee, hassle-free return policy. You can shop the Bailout 537 and the Bugout 535.