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William Henry Pens - Fine Writing Instruments in Damascus, Titanium & Carbon Fiber

William Henry Pens

We are a Authorized Dealer we have a large selection of William Henry Pens for sale. William Henry Studio Pens have long been known for their amazing knives; they have expanded their high-end production into the world of fine pens. Each William Henry Studio pen will be released in a Limited Edition and will feature its own unique number engraved on the end cap. Pens will be made of handmade mokume gane, upscale acrylics, handmade Damascus steel, and aerospace grade titanium.

Mokume Gane - (Also known as Mokume) is an ancient metal working technique that originated from Japan. After the deline of the samauri sword, many of the artisans moved into creating beautiful metal worked items. Mokume is a layering of mixed soft metals. The unique layering of the different metals creates a beautiful pattern. Mokume is similar to damascus steel but does not normally include steel in the metal composition.

Damascus Steel - (Also called Pattern Welded Steel) is a combination of two steels forge-welded to create a unique pattern by a folding technique. After a Damascus is finished, it is treated with acid or blued to reveal the grain pattern of the forging and layering process.

Titanium - the metal alloy is well known for its light strong and corrosion resistance. The metal has a grey color and is often used in the aerospace, military, medical and tool industries. Titanium has the highest strength to weight ration of any metal.

William Henry Pens are finished with a gemstone inset into the clip and a gold or sterling logo medallion inset into the cap. The pen will be packaged in a beautiful wood presentation box, certificate of authenticity, and pen refills in both roller ball and ballpoint (by Schmidt of Germany). As an authorized dealer, we have a large selection of William Henry Pens for sale in stock.

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