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Wilson Combat Knives

Wilson Combat KnivesLocated in Berryville, AR, Wilson Combat custom manufactures pistols specializing in the M1911A1 which is used by Special Forces including Delta Force and Navy SEALs. Bill Wilson started the company in 1977 by customizing pistols. By 1983 he started making his own parts and by 1996, he was making all his parts in-house. Wilson Tactical Knives is a division of Wilson Combat.

Wilson Tactical Knives offers a wide selection of pieces to fit every need, and preference. Leading off this list is the Chris Reeve Star-Tac with its shaver sharp S35VN stainless steel blade built with an unmatched toughness for every application. A Wilson Starburst grip pattern adorns the 6AL4V titanium billet handle. To finish off this perfect piece, Chris Reeve added the Reeve Integral Framelock for years of flawless performance.

Next in line is another Chris Reeve line of masterpieces. The Star-Benz
a line is perfect for someone looking for an all around everyday carry folder. Made with the same titanium and stainless steel as the Star-Tec, the Star-Benza is a limited edition piece that features Wilson's signature Starburst grip and comes with a super tough lanyard adorned with an engraved titanium bead for the perfect touch of class.

To round out this list of top grade folders, Wilson Tactical knives offers the Rapid Response XL line. These one of a kind folders offer four different inlays to suit even the most demanding user. Also known as the RRX, the secret to success for these pieces is the fact that they are manufactured in small batches to ensure they meet the highest standards. Equipped with an innovative trigger flipper that leaps into action, the RRX features the toughest titanium framelock that will give you a strength that will rival any fixed blade. Each inlay is machined to fit perfectly into the ergonomic frame and gives you the best grip no matter what the conditions.

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